Aldeias Históricas de Portugal


Porta Raiana


Centro Empresarial de Idanha-a-Nova, Zona Industrial S/N - 6060-182 Idanha-a-Nova

Porta Raiana dedicates itself to cultural touring activities in the territory of Idanha-a-Nova. Develops visits and experiences in Monsanto, Idanha-a-Velha; Proença a Velha and Idanha a Nova

We are committed to create moments and experiences so that this treasure can be shared, so that those who visit us, or are here can connect to this historic, ethnographic, gastronomic and natural treasure. We are committed to keep and protect this living heritage to bring together past and present and, through our Educational Service, call upon young people to build the future of this treasure.
We are an agent of promotion of the region, an ambassador of Idanha-a-Nova; we connect the local community and visitors, individuals and institutions to local values being faithful to the cultural offer of the region.
We offer a connection with the culture of Idanha-a-Nova.

Open to the past, present and future of this region, We are Porta Raiana.

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