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Start: 28/02/2018

Finish: 28/02/2018

Because the cherries are coming to Fundão, we want bring you the best experiences in our municipality.

The rent of the picnic baskets is an activity that we recommend so you can experience the contact with nature at the cherry orchards. Its a celebration of life with the best products of Fundão!

The price ranges from 20,00€ to 35,00€ depending on the basket chosen and the client must pay a deposit of 20,00€ for basket. This value will be returned as soon as the basket is delivered.

Cherry Basket: 1 package of 6 cherry pastries; 1 cherry jam 250g, 1 package of 8 cherry bonbons, 1 term of cherry tea (hot or cold), 1 bottle of cherry liquour and 1 homemade bread 500g - Price = 20€

Tradition Basket: 1 cheese board, 1 sausage board, 1 pumpkin and nuts jam, 1 bottle of regional wine (white or red), 1 package of 6 cherry pastries, 1 term of cherry tea (hot ot cold) and 1 homemade bread 500g - Price= 32€

Customized Basket: is made with products chosen by the customer - Price: 35€

You need to make a reservation at the Tourist Office of Fundão at least 24h before by calling the number 275 779 040 or by e-mailing