Aldeias Históricas de Portugal



Start: 10/12/2020

Finish: 18/12/2020


From December 10 to 18, Belmonte receives another edition of the “Festa das Luzes”, Hanukkah in Hebrew, which marks the liberation and purification of the Temple in Jerusalem and the revolt against the Seleucids led by Matias Macabeu and his five children, as it is described in the Old Testament.

“After the release of the Temple, it was found that there was only enough oil to keep the eternal flame burning for another day. However, the flame burned for eight days, the time needed to make and consecrate more oil to the Temple. ”

It is a party marked “by the family atmosphere and the great joy, during this, a nine-armed chandelier is used, with the lighting of a candle a day, remembering the eight days when the flame burned miraculously. The ninth arm of the chandelier, placed in the center and the tallest of all, is the shamash, the candle that is used to light the rest. ”

Light, in all its spectrum, is also the unifying motto that will illuminate new perspectives on the unique heritage of the Historic Village of Belmonte.

This year the "Festival da Luzes" has a very reduced version due to the pandemic state we are in. We hope to return with a more complete and full of activities program in 2021.