Aldeias Históricas de Portugal



The immense territory of the Historical Villages of Portugal, with well-balanced connections between each of the villages, has allowed the creation of a macro route running through the 12 Historical Villages of Portugal and their natural surroundings. With a length of around 700 km, it can also be divided up into two loops, north and south, each with a length of 300 and 400 km, respectively. Consisting of scenic roads through beautiful landscapes and low traffic, the Historical Villages of Portugal Grand Cycle Route criss-crosses the areas of greatest importance in terms of historical and cultural heritage and passes the territory’s main support services, such as service areas for motorhomes, hotels and restaurants, among others, with an emphasis on Members of the Network of Historical Villages of Portugal. The Grand Route also allows the creation of sector-based links between the Historical Villages of Portugal, from the perspective of the regulatory framework of the Portuguese Cycling Federation’s Cyclin’Portugal Cycle Routes and Centres.