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Monte do Vale Mosteiro Agroturismo


Largo do Curral Concelho nº 11 - 6060-446
277477046, 962029257

Monte do Vale Mosteiro – Agro-Turismo is a peaceful property located in Rosmaninhal in Tejo Internacional Nature Park in Beira Interior. This traditional rural accommodation has an outdoor pool and plantations of holm oak as far as the eye can see. The property contains a beautiful dam that is good for fishing. Flocks of merino sheep and herds of horses graze on the meadows. You are very likely to see deer and wild boar and different types of birds that are unique to the region. Idanha-a-Nova, the historical village de Idanha-a-Velha and Portugal’s most Portuguese village, Monsanto, are only a few kilometres away from Monte do Vale Mosteiro and are recommended to anyone who wants to learn a little of our history.

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Services: Air Conditioner, Bar, Terrace, Private Parking, Events to groups, Internet, Fireplace, ATM, Visa, Swimming Pool, Wifi

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