Aldeias Históricas de Portugal




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PLUG-INPT brand was born with a very clear purpose: to get to know environmentally and sustainably the richness and the diversity of the west most country of europe. History and contemporaneity, gastronomy, culture or the long kilometres of the cost, are now within the reach of who wants to live them and feel them through road trips that go far beyond the photographs of the tourist guides.

Skill driving (, the PLUG-INPT brand owner, is the first and only national tourism operator with tours operating exclusively with a fleet of electric cars. This mission brings a huge responsibility, a responsibility that is the size of our planet, a responsibility we embrace daily.

With PLUG-INPT, we launch a new way to be in the market: less ostensive tourism, more integrated in the natural environment and attending customers at every moment of the program. That’s what makes the brand, and all those who work at it, much more than the traditional fly & drive concept. We attend every customer at all moments of our trips, guiding the visits without depriving any freedom. We know our customers names, we know their rhythm, the program and we select every meal, every experience and we tell them the secrets of every place, so that they do not have to worry about anything else but enjoy every moment. That’s why we call it “all included fly e-drive”

The project was born from the junction of competences of three professionals: Gustavo Pereira, João França Martins and Manuel Amaral who joined their professional experiences in marketing, communication and events, creating a brand that offers clients something unique: road trips that help to understand, in a sustainable way, a different country, portugal, integrating original experiences. In fact, to PLUG-INPT is to travel for the most emblematic settings of this magnificent country, but without harming with our passage.