Aldeias Históricas de Portugal


Almeida | Percurso Preto


112.003 km

Picadeiro Real


Places of passage: Vale do Côa, Aldeia Nova, Senouras, Mido, Castelo Mendo, Alto Freixo, Castelo Bom, Vilar Formoso, Vale da Mula, Aldea Del Obispo, La Bouza, Escarigo, Almofala, Nave Redonda, Castelo Rodrigo, Vilar Torpim

The route leaves the Historical Village by the Royal Arena, running along some cobblestone streets and crossing the wall through the west gate. After mostly following the boundaries of the district it continues southwards, descending into the Côa Valley and climbing on the N340 in the direction of Aldeia Nova, where it turns left a few kilometres further on. It goes on to Senouras and Mido, until it reaches the N16, near the Historical Village of Castelo Mendo. Here it turns right towards Alto de Freixo. At the roundabout it turns left towards Parada, once again turning left to Ade further on, and then let again before Mesquitela. The Historical Village of Castelo Mendo is now on the horizon, with a lofty viewpoint, and the road takes you there. The village merits a close look. The exit from the village takes you back to the N16, with a somewhat steep but short gradient. Once on the N16 it turns right, descends into the Côa Valley again and climbs up to Castelo Bom, also worth a visit. Here it goes left, leaving the N16 and continuing upwards until it joins the N332, which connects Almeida to Vilar Formoso. You turn left before changing direction to the right further on, towards Vale da Mula. From here it continues towards the neighbouring country, which it enters about 1 km later. Passing Aldea del Obispo it continues northwards, parallel to the border as far as La Bouza, where the terrain starts to get a little more challenging, and it starts to head back towards Portugal. About 3 km after leaving the Spanish village it re-enters Portuguese territory and approaches Escarigo, followed by Almofala, Nave Redonda and, further on, the lofty Historical Village of Castelo Rodrigo at the top of a demanding gradient, right after the convent of Santa Maria de Aguiar. The Historical village merits a close look. After a stroll around, the route continues on the N332, where care should be taken with traffic, in the direction of Vilar Torpim, Reigada and back to the Historical Village of Almeida, which it enters by crossing the wall through the north gate and following it once again to the Royal Arena.