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Belmonte | Percurso Verde
Percursos Cicláveis


20.006 km

Castelo de Belmonte


Places of passage: Malpique, Colmeal da Torre

The route departs the Historical Village next to the castle and heads south along the western slopes of the Serra da Esperança. Alongside the A23 access, it bears left towards Malpique and passes through the village on cobblestones. After Malpique we head towards Belmonte on the N345 and take a right turn just before arriving there, on a municipal road that offers stunning views over Belmonte. Further on, the route passes close to the Historical Village and continues towards Colmeal da Torre and its Centum Cellas Tower before returning to the Historical Village of Belmonte along a short stretch of the N18 and climbs back up to the castle where the route finishes.