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Castelo Rodrigo | Percurso Preto
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Castelo Rodrigo

114.026 km

Castelo Rodrigo


Places of passage: Figueira Castelo Rodrigo, Almendra, Vilar de Amargo, Castelo Melhor, Vila Nova Foz Côa, Longroiva, Mêda, Marialva, Gateira, Juízo, Gabriel, Azêvo, Bizarril

The route departs the Historical Village of Castelo Rodrigo from the gardens at the Rua da Cadeia entrance, before heading east and then turning left for the descent towards Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo. It passes this Beira village and continues northwards towards Almendra, first passing through the village of Vilar de Amargo. After Almendra, a village that is well worth visiting, you start to feel the approach to the Douro valley and the Douro demarcated region. Wine estates and the meandering river dominate the landscape, and the route has steep slopes and many curves. Before arriving at the Douro Valley, Castelo Melhor is seen on the left. After the descent it crosses the river Côa, almost at its mouth, and starts to climb towards Vila Nova de Foz Côa. After passing the village limits, it turns left southwards and follows the EN102 in search of a right turn towards Longroiva, a village with an imposing castle that is also well worth a visit. The access to Longroiva is uphill, and the route continues upwards as far as Mêda, with a left turn towards Marialva before entering the village. After Mêda the descent gives you a chance to catch your breath and takes you to the access to the Historical Village of Marialva, another of the region's highlights. After Marialva it heads downhill again to the EN102, where it turns left to the north for 2 km and then right towards Barreira. Next comes Gateira and the crossing of the river Massueime, before passing through Juízo. It continues to Gabriel and Azêvo, with the approach to the city of Pinhel and another descent into the Côa Valley. This part of the route undulates constantly for many kilometres before running mostly downhill after passing Pinhel as far as the Côa river. After crossing the Côa bridge it leaves the N221 and turns right towards Bizarril, with views of Monforte Castle in the distance on the right hand side. The climb to Bizarril is about 3 km, with average gradients. After passing the village it continues to join the N221 and ascends again for around 6 km as far as the access roundabout to the Historical Village of Castelo Rodrigo, where the route goes straight on and ends and the same place that it started.