Aldeias Históricas de Portugal


Idanha-a-Velha | Percurso Vermelho
Percursos Cicláveis


81.012 km



Places of passage: Monsanto, Adingeiro, Carroqueiro, Relva, Penha Garcia, Termas Monfortinho, Torre, Toulões, Alcafozes,

The route departs the Historical Village of Idanha-a-Velha towards Monsanto, turning right onto the N332 and right again shortly afterwards, in the direction of Adingeiro. This road is almost all uphill. Upon arrival in Adingeiro the route takes a left turn towards Carroqueiro and then turns right onto the N239 towards Monsanto. Shortly afterwards it turns right towards Relva and right again onto Valado’s narrow cobblestone streets. Monsanto is accessed along fairly steep streets that lead into the village of Relva and continue upwards to the Historical Village of Monsanto, which is entered through the west gate next to the cemetery. The ascent from Valado to Monsanto is about 2.5 km with a difficult surface, but the landscapes that can be enjoyed along the route make it worthwhile. At the top of Monsanto, after passing the village, there is a steep descent towards Relva followed by a right turn towards Eugénia where the route turns left to rejoin the N239, on the right, towards Penha Garcia. After around 7 km it turns left to access Penha Garcia, yet another village that is well worth a visit to see its natural and cultural resources. The route passes through the village and descends again to the N239 in the direction of Termas de Monfortinho, running gently downhill for 11 km. It passes through Termas de Monfortinho and continues south along the N240 for a few kilometres before turning right towards Torre shortly after passing the Monfortinho swimming pools. It passes Torre and turns left towards Toulões, which it reaches after 12 km. After departing Toulões it turns right and follows the N332 to Alcafozes. At the Alcafozes roundabout it continues on to the N332, with Monsanto on the horizon and the Historical Village of Idanha-a-Velha appearing in the valley below, with the final few kilometres all being downhill. Finally the route turns right and ends by entering the village.