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Linhares da Beira | Percurso Preto
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Linhares da Beira

89.013 km

Linhares da Beira


Places of passage: Assanhas, Prados, Videmonte, Valhelhas, Vale de Amoreira, Manteigas, Penhas Douradas, Covão da Ponte, Folgosinho, Freixo da Serra, Figueiró da Serra

A complete route through the Serra da Estrela natural park. The route departs the Historical Village towards Prados, with a somewhat demanding climb through Assanhas, with cobblestones in the village. After passing close to Prados it turns right towards Videmonte, once again with steep slopes. The views of the landscape from the top make it all worthwhile. After descending to Videmonte and passing through the mountain village, it continues downwards into the Mondego valley before climbing to Trinta, Meios, Fernão Joanes and continuing the descent to the Zêzere valley. After passing through Valhelhas, Amoreira Valley you start to feel the ascent to Manteigas in the heart of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park. After Manteigas it turns towards Penhas Douradas and turns right a few kilometres later towards Covão da Ponte to find the Mondego river once again. This is followed by the climb to Portela de Folgosinho from where the descent starts on the north face of the mountains, with your sights firmly set on the Historical Village of Linhares da Beira to the right. Don't be distracted by the superb views because it is a very quick descent and the road through Folgosinho is a bit tricky due to the cobbled surface. The route continues downhill to Freixo da Serra and Figueiró da Serra with the final challenging uphill kilometres in your mind and your sights set on the castle of the Historical Village of Linhares da Beira.