Aldeias Históricas de Portugal


Piódão | Percurso Azul


13.028 km



Places of passage: Foz D´Égua, Chãs D´Égua

This route leaves the main square of Piódão on the Vide road and runs downhill, steeply in some places. Some care is recommended on the way down, as there may be some traffic and the road is narrow and uneven, with steep slopes on the other side of the verge. After passing through Foz D´Égua it turns right and embarks on the route’s only long climb. At the beginning of the climb it is worth visiting the river beach of Foz D'Égua, a kind of schist formation with lagoons, suspension bridges and waterfalls. The climb of around 2 km as far as Chãs D'Égua has fairly steep gradients, after which the route continues for more than 3 km to the top of the mountains. After Chãs D'Égua the gradients are more gentle with impressive panoramic views over the shear valleys of the Serra do Açor. The peak is at a hight of over 900 m, where the descent starts towards the Historical Village, with some more complicated curves. It ends in the main square in Piódão.