Aldeias Históricas de Portugal


PR1 ALM | Almeida


14.1 km



Places of passage: Portas Duplas de St.º António, Quartel das Esquadras, Igreja da Misericórdia, Torre do Relógio, Castelo de Almeida, Paiol, Picadeiro D´el Rey, Portas Duplas de S. Francisco, Baluarte de S. João de Deus, Revelim Doble

Starting in the historical village of Almeida, explore the ancestral paths that were once used by people who sought healing with thermal waters from the Termas da Fonte Santa. Located in the middle of the river Côa and known since time immemorial, the Termas da Fonte Santa is one of the references of spas in Portugal. The path is circular and accessible to almost everyone, and partially overlaps the two Great Routes that cross the path and allow you to explore the vast lands of Riba-Côa: Great Route of the Historical Villages, Great Route of Vale do Côa and Great Route of the Walled Cities.