Aldeias Históricas de Portugal


Trancoso | Percurso Azul


37.092 km



Places of passage: S. Martinho, Ribeira do Freixo, Vale do Seixo, Carigas, Cogula, Rabaçal, Carvalhal, A do Cavalo, Moreira de Rei

The route starts at Dom Diniz Square, turning left after crossing the wall and following it to the east, descending towards São Martinho. After the village it crosses the N102 and continues straight on towards Ribeira do Freixo and Vale do Seixo, where it turns left towards Carigas and Cogula, a village that is worth a visit. In Cogula it turns left to join the N102, which it follows for a couple of kilometres until turning left towards Rabaçal. The route continues through Rabaçal and after the village before starting to descend and turning left towards Carvalhal, where another climb awaits, with 2 difficult kilometres and 2 easier ones, as far as A-do-Cavalo. There it turns left towards Trancoso. Before arriving in Trancoso it passes through Moreira de Rei, a village with rich cultural heritage that is well worth visiting. It enters the Historical Village along streets in the north neighbourhood and arrives at Dom Diniz Square.