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Termas do Cró

Rapoula do Côa

Parque Termal do Cró Estrada Nacional 324, km 123 - 6324-011 Rapoula do Côa
271589000, 271589001

The use of medicinal waters of Cró (Sabugal dates back to Roman times but the earliest reference date of 1726, designed by the medical Del 'King João V, which already at that time spoke of the remarkable curative effects. Currently the Baths of Cró have a modern and ample Thermal spa with the latest technology equipment and highly qualified human resources, combining Health, Prevention and Maintenance to Welfare through THERMALISM CLASSIC services WELFARE and physiotherapy. The Termalistas who enjoy Hydrotherapy treatments both in the area of Classic and Welfare, belong to all age groups, increasingly visible being an exponential increase in younger age groups, demystifying the idea that the Baths are only for old people. In reality are for the whole family

The Baths of Cro Cro and the Rural Hotel located in the municipality of Sabugal, Guarda District. A25, exit Sabugal, the ER 324. For the A23, the Guard knot, Sabugal direction output, the EN 233. Before Sabugal turn left the ER 324. railway station of Cerdeira Coa 6 km from Thermal Park the Cró.

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