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Castelo Novo | Percurso Preto

Castelo Novo

106.079 km

Castelo Novo


Places of passage: Alpedrinha, Fundão, Alcongosta, Souto da Casa, Vale Palaio, Castelejo, Enxabarda, Maúnça, Malhada Velha, Maxial da Ladeira, Serra da Marmoura, Casas de Zebreira, Foz Giraldo, Almaceda, S. Vicente da Beira, Casal da Serra, Louriçal do Campo, S. Fiel, Soalheira, Atalaia do Campo,

The route departs the Historical Village on a steep descent, crossing the stream by the river park and joining the N18, where it turns left. Alpedrinha is found after a few kilometres of gentle climb and is well worth visiting. It follows the Gardunha hills upwards in the direction of Fundão, with a climb of around 4 km on shallow gradients. At the peak, a hairpin bend directs you towards the north face of the Gardunha hills with views over the Serra da Estrela on the other side of Cova da Beira. The descent continues towards Fundão before being interrupted around 3 km later with a left turn towards the slopes of the Gardunha hills, full of cherry orchards, towards Alcongosta. After passing Alcongosta with its steep cobbled streets, it continues to undulate through cherry orchards until the descent to Souto da Casa. Make sure you enjoy the stunning views of Serra da Estrela. When it reaches the N238 it turns left and follows it for 2.5 km as far as the Vale Palaio roundabout, where it goes straight on towards Castelejo, followed by a left turn towards Enxabarda where the somewhat demanding climb of almost 6 km to Serra da Maúnça starts. This is followed by close to 9 km of descent with panoramic views over Serra da Estrela as far as Malhada Velha, where it turns left towards Descoberto, Maxial da Ladeira and Ladeira, to the peak of the Serra da Marmoura. This part of the route has some demanding climbs and is an area with little support and a weak mobile phone signal. From the top it descends towards the N112 and turns left towards Casa da Zebreira and Foz do Giraldo, where it starts the descent to Almaceda. The left turn towards Almaceda is found 3.5 km further on, continuing towards this Beira village. After Almaceda it climbs again towards Partida and São Vicente da Beira, where it turns right to join the N352. In this Beira village it turns left for yet another demanding climb to Casal da Serra. At the top there is a short descent to Casal da Serra, in the heart of the Gardunha hills, from where the route continues downwards towards Torre and Louriçal do Campo. Next is São Fiel and a left turn to Soalheira, which the route crosses to join the N18, which it follows until shortly after the Atalaia do Campo crossroads where it turns left and climbs up to Castelo Novo on the Escaldado slope, on a very pretty narrow rural road. The cobblestoned arrival at the Historical Village follows the GR22 route, and ends at Largo da Bica.