Aldeias Históricas de Portugal


Monsanto | Percurso Azul


40.005 km



Places of passage: Relva, Eugénia, Salvador, Vale Feitoso, Aranhas, Aldeia João Pires, Aldeia do Bispo, Águas, Bemposta, Medelim

The routes from the Historical Village of Monsanto start at the main square in the neighbourhood of Relva in order to make the shorter routes easier without having to go up into the village. This route departs towards Eugénia, where it turns left to cross the N239 a little further on, towards Salvador. The village is accessed uphill. After passing through the village, the route turns towards the east of the Serra do Ramilo, with superb views over the Feitoso Valley. It descends towards Aranhas on the M566 before turning left shortly afterwards to head for Aldeia de João Pires. After passing the village it continues to the right towards Aldeia do Bispo. Here it takes a left turn towards Águas and, in Águas, a right turn towards Bemposta, on a recently paved rural road. In Bemposta the route takes a left turn towards Medelim and, after passing through Medelim it turns left at the roundabout towards Monsanto, on the N239. Further on, with the Historical Village on the horizon, there is a right turn to climb up to Relva and finish the route.