Aldeias Históricas de Portugal


Trancoso | Percurso Preto


136.067 km



Places of passage: S. Martinho, Vale do Seixo, Cogula, Cótimos, Santa Eufémia, Valbom, Azêvo, Cidadelhe, Vale de Afonsinho e Algodres, Almendra, Vila Nova Foz Côa, Castelo Melhor, Longroiva, Marialva, Carvalhal, Moreira de Rei

The route departs Dom Diniz Square to the east and goes around the Historical Village in the direction of São Martinho, where it crosses the N102 and continues straight on to Vale do Seixo and Cogula, which is also well worth a visit. After Cogula it takes a right turn on the N102 and continues for a few kilometres before turning right towards Cótimos, Santa Eufémia and Valbom, on the M595. Shortly after Valbom it changes direction and heads towards Azêvo. Just after Azêvo it turns right towards Cidadelhe, which is well worth a visit. This is followed by a steep descent into the Côa Valley with demanding gradients and curves. The route crosses the valley on the União bridge before embarking on a demanding climb around the edge of the Faia Brava Reserve. At the top it turns left towards the Afonsinho Valley and Algodres, then shortly afterwards turns left onto the N332 towards the Douro Valley. It passes through the nearby village of Almendra, also worth a visit, and continues towards Vila Nova de Foz Côa, passing Castelo Melhor towards the slopes of the Douro Valley. At the end of the descent the route crosses the bridge over the river Côa and starts the climb to Vila Nova de Foz Côa. After bypassing the village, it continues to the left on the N102 for around 14 km before turning right towards Longroiva, another village that merits a visit. The climb continues until the entrance to Mêda where there is a left turn to descend along the N324, which the route leaves after a few kilometres and turns right towards Marialva, continuing in a descent into the Historical Village. It leaves the Historical Village of Marialva on a descent into the valley, turning right towards Carvalhal. A somewhat demanding climb begins before the village, with 2 difficult kilometres and 2 easier ones, as far as A-do-Cavalo. There it turns left towards Trancoso. Before arriving in Trancoso it passes through Moreira de Rei, a village with rich cultural heritage that is well worth visiting. It enters the Historical Village along streets in the north neighbourhood and arrives at Dom Diniz Square.