Aldeias Históricas de Portugal



Populated by the natives, the Lusitanian people, the Historical Village of Marialva guards the first vestiges of our people, the roots of our history. The natural surroundings of Marialva are made up of the Douro International Natural Park, the Côa River Valley and the Faia Brava Reserve Private Protected Area. Wine is one of the region’s traditional products, so Marialva's landscape is all the more pretty because it is dotted with vineyards. Roast kid and stewed rabbit are some of the typical dishes found in the Historical Village of Marialva. When it comes to soups and side dishes, there is no shortage of chickpeas, carrapatos, peas in the pod and beans. Favourite desserts in Marialva include rice pudding, sweet corn, light bread and sheep cheese with biscuits and dried figs.