Aldeias Históricas de Portugal


Lagar de Varas / Tourist Office


Rua do Lagar - 6060-041

Large one-storey building restored and converted into a museum. The date of its construction is unknown. It may have been in the late 19th century, judging from the year 1895 engraved on an oil lamp used there. However, the year 1755 carved on a block in the loft walls seems to indicate that there was a press here before. There are also press parts reused in the walls. The press is rectangular and divided into three rooms: drying floor, pressing room and bagasse room. The service entrance was in the one of the barns at the east end of the building. This and another adjoining barn sheltered the press workers and the animals that moved the millstones. The press was acquired by Idanha-a-Nova council from the Marrocos family, for whom it had worked exclusively until 1959. In 2008 the Tourist Office moved there to serve the whole museum complex.

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