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Tourism Office of Idanha-a-Velha/Lagar de Varas


Rua do Lagar - 6060-041

This mill is a large one-story building, restored and converted into a museum. The date of its initial construction is unknown. The date of 1895 engraved on a lamp from the mill seems to indicate that it dates to the late 19th century. However, the year 1755 is engraved on one of the blocks on the cellar walls, which, along with other elements of the mill, reused in the masonry, are strong indications of the existence of a previous mill. The mill is a large rectangular space divided into three different rooms: the bin and basin room, the rod press room and the pomace brandy room. The service entrance was located in one of the haystacks on the eastern side of the building. This haystack, along with another adjoining one, served as a shelter for the “lagareiros” (mill workers) and the animals that moved the mill stones. The mill was acquired by the Idanha-a-Nova Municipality from the Marrocos family, who exclusively used it until 1959.  Starting in 2008, it also housed the Tourist Information Office as a support service for the entire Historical Site.

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