Aldeias Históricas de Portugal


GR22 – Long Distance Route MTB

Wild nature. Medieval castles. Places replete with legends, flavores, and traditions. Whether on foot or by bicycle, follow the Grande Rota of the Historical Villages of Portugal and explore this magnificent route that unites all 12 villages in nearly 600 km.

For adventurers on two wheels, the GR22 is the route you have always dreamed. An intensely varied route unlike any other in the world, with passages that cross mountains, plains, agricultural landscapes, riversides, natural parks, and protected reserves, a bike adventure through the region of the Historic Villages of Portugal cannot be more exciting. A large portion of the route coincides with the walking trail; however, there are alternative bike trails that provide new perspectives for discovering the region’s history, heritage, and nature. Approved and classified nationally as a Grande Travessia (Great Crossing), throughout its extent, the GR22 offers a network of MTB Centers and Bikotels that guarantees support to bicycle lovers. Go on an unparalleled adventure through the Historic Villages of Portugal!

Great route sectors