Aldeias Históricas de Portugal



Surrounded by medieval walls and with a wealth of architectural heritage and an ancient castle, the Historical Village of Trancoso is a place full of history and stories. One of its mythical figures is Gonçalo Anes Bandarra, a famous poet, prophet and shoemaker who was born and lived in Trancoso in the 16th century. A Jewish physician and philosopher, appointed chief physician of the Court of the King of Portugal in 1632, Isaac Cardoso was another of the great historical figures born in Trancoso. Trancoso's natural surroundings are made up of the Douro International Natural Park, the Côa River Valley and the Faia Brava Reserve Private Protected Area. Sweet sardines are Trancoso’s best known delicacy, and its cuisine also consists of specialities such as Sarrabulho pig's blood stew and Migas Recheadas das Segadas.