Aldeias Históricas de Portugal


Bike Tour Center Based in the Portuguese Historical Villages

The beauty of this Bike Tour allows to cycle in locations of elevated historical nature.



Incluido: Transfer from Pocinho Station to Castelo Rodrigo; Transfer from Juízo to Pocinho Station; Briefing; 6 accommodations with breakfast (sharing a double room); 5 bike rides; Luggage transfer on day 5 (1 bag per person) – up to 20kg/bag; Hybrid bike rental; Maps and documentation; GPS tracks (using the app "Ride with GPS" on your phone); 24H support line; Insurance; Handle bag or pannier bag

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Day 01 - Arrival to Portugal | Castelo Rodrigo | Briefing
Arrival to Porto airport.
Get the train along the Douro Railway until Pocinho (about 3 hours).
Private transfer from Pocinho to Castelo Rodrigo (about 45 min).
Transfer from Lisbon/Porto to Castelo Rodrigo (optional).
Immerse yourself in a medieval experience among the Castelo Rodrigo’s historical village walls, local of exceptional historical interest for the remarkable monuments it holds. Walk the narrow cobbled streets and visit medieval references such as the Mother Church or Palácio Cristovão de Moura’s ruins.
Overnight in Castelo Rodrigo.

Day 02 - Bike Tour 1: Castelo Rodrigo Loop (40 km)
The first stage will take you to some of the paths of ancestral traces where important battles were fought throughout history, based on the bravery of its people, led to the independence of Portugal. On this day, you will have the opportunity to rediscover the charms of the rural world through almost deserted roads surrounded by agricultural fields.
Overnight in Castelo Rodrigo.

Day 03 - Bike Tour 2: Castelo Rodrigo | Almeida Loop (48 km)
Today you will carry onto one of the most important Historical Villages of Portugal, Almeida. Located on a vast plateau overlooking the Côa River, Almeida was one of the most important fortresses during Modern Age. It constitutes an original exemplar of military architecture for its twelve-point star shape from the 17th century.
Overnight in Castelo Rodrigo.

Day 04 - Bike Tour 3: Vale de Afonsinho | Algodres | Vilar de Amargo | Castelo Rodrigo Loop (41 km)
When you reach the third stage, you will continue by bicycle through typical Beirã villages such as Vale do Afonsinho, Algodres and Vilar de Amargo while you look at the beautiful landscapes of cultivation by secondary roads. Vale de Afonsinho holds one of the ancient rock art centers of the Côa Valley, this valley classified by UNESCO in 1998 as a World Heritage Site.
Overnight in Castelo Rodrigo.

Day 05 - Bike Tour 4: Castelo Rodrigo | Penha de Águia | Cidadelhe | Juízo (34 km)
Leaving Castelo Rodrigo behind, today you will pedal towards The village of Juízo.
You'll have the chance to visit the village of Penha da Águia, with a beautiful “Igreja Matriz” - Mother church - , the graves carved in the rock and the various sources stand out. The Côa river, the castle tower and the eagle-shaped baroque are places of scenic interest.
A small climb is the next smooth challenge until Cidadelhe.
Part of Cidadelhe is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to the rock figures, engraved in granite, dating back to Prehistory.
Cidadelhe belongs to the Vale do Côa Archaeological Park area and sits on top of a hill, over 500 meters high, between the Massueime and Côa rivers. It was the writer José Saramago who called Cidadelhe the “heel of the world”, because it is located at the northern end of the municipality, and thus became known.
Its view of the Côa valley is capable of leaving us speechless, at the top of the mountain. It is very close to the beautiful Aldeia do Juízo, where you'll overnight.
Overnight in Juízo village.

Day 06 - Bike Tour 5: Juízo | Longroiva | Mêda | Marialva | Juízo Loop (53 km)
Short version: Juízo | Marialva | Juízo (40 km)
Departing from Juízo, you will continue your journey passing by the Historical Village of Marialva, which takes you to the deepest roots of the country's history in a scenario that reveals one of the living relics of Portuguese ancestry.
The streets are lined with buildings that have stood the test of time and lead to the citadel surrounded by walls in whose ruins it is easy to lose track of time. You'll return to Juízo through some beautiful roads of in this region, where the surrounding nature is in a pure state and where some of the country's deepest cultural roots are found.
Overnight in Juízo village.

Day 07 - Departure
Transfer from Juízo to Pocinho Station. Get the Train from Pocinho to Porto city.
Transfer from Juízo village to Porto (optional).

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